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Quality safety and Environment

At SEGKEN SERVICES LTD quality means doing the job right the first time. We always deliver quality and professional services.

At SEGKEN SERVICES LTD safety is our first priority, a safety and health policy is displayed in our offices and at all work places it is mandatory for every staff to have, read and understand safety manuals.

SEGKEN SERVICES LTD is committed to environmental excellence. Our goal always is to protect the environment during a project and the built in system that will keep protecting it long after the project is completed. We make sure that for every project we undertake meets or exceed on air and water government regulations Air and Water quality. We take every possible step to mitigate potential impact on nature


M/s Segken Services Ltd is a contracting company providing services as regards the field of electricity distribution. As the company delivers quality services to the clients, one major aspect we focus on is Safety.
To make this possible, a Safety and Health policy was developed and documented and revised every year. To confirm to policy guidelines, a Safety and Health officers were elected and the responsibilities are well-outlined in the job description and for every task a representative on site is appointed for to ensure safety at work place

The company safety and health policy highlights issues like are as follows:

  • No job is regarded so urgent that time cannot be taken to do it in a safe manner.
  • To ensure a safe working environment for the workers.
  • Sensitize workers on the importance of safety
  • Tools and equipment damage control
  •  Handling and Checking of company Vehicles
  •  Safe driving
  •  Personal Protection and Health
  • The role of an employee on safety and health mater in the work place.
  • Employee’s rights at work
  • The role and duties of the employer towards his employee in the work environment.
  • The legal rights of employees at work.
  • To define what is an accident and an incident, the causes and sources.
  • The employee’s role during accidents/incidents.
  • Definition of color codes and symbolic signs
  • Dangers of alcohol and drugs use.
  • Hazard identification techniques and assess risks.
  • Process for handling injuries of workers and non-workers
  • AIDS awarenance and prevention.

All these listed above are included in our company Safety and Health policy document issued to each and every employee of Segken services ltd. And they are facilitated to make sure that everything is implemented to ensure safe and health working environment.



To ensure continual compliance to Safety and good health

a). Safety and Health officers were  elected to ensure compliance to the safety policy and workers are aware of it.
b). Company employees conduct safety meetings on a weekly basis to discuss safety issues raised. Tool boxes are checked every day before work Commences to ensure that all the necessary tools are available.
c)  The company provides personal protective items for example overcoats, gloves, safety shoes, e.t.c. It’s mandatory to wear personal protective wear during work.
d) A supervisor is assigned to each and every job who is competent to understand the nature of the job and what is required to any work that need to be performed, machinery and plant that is to be used in the working environment. He is responsible to ensure safety at the work place.
e) To minimize occurrence of accidents and incidents, the condition of tools and equipment is checked on a weekly basis and check sheet complete regularly. 
f). Vehicles are also checked before beginning any journey to the field. A record of the vehicle status is maintained.
g)  An incident report is prepared in cases of any incidences or accidents which may include both property damage and injuries of any personnel.
h). Weekly inspections are carried out; this is to minimize on the exposure to accidents and incidents in the working environment.
i) For a new project in a new area the medical officer meets the workers before they go and he also visits them at the end of every month. The workers are sensitized on how to interact with the new people, and how to take care of themselves against killer diseases like AIDS.
j) . The list of employees who have undergone safety training is attached.
k) Our workers are insured with Excel Insurance for worker man’s compensation.